A napokban egy innovációs konferencia tematikáján kezdtem el dolgozni. Első lépésként összeírtam, én magam milyen kérdésekre várnák választ egy ilyen rendezvényen. Íme a lista:


–          – How can disruptive innovation change radically the competitive landscape in an industry?


–          – What does reverse innovation mean and why did it become so important in some industries?


–          – Is it true that the geography of innovation is changing rapidly? Who are the new players in the game and what do we know about their policy and strengths?


–          – What is the relationship between innovation and employment? Is it possible to create jobs through innovation? What can we learn from the development of the ICT industry from this perspective?


–          – Can we asses properly the social consequences of innovation? Is it possible that innovations which look very beneficial on the short run may have very negative long term effects?


–          – What do we mean by a country’s or region’s innovation policy? What is the role of the market and what must governments do?


–          – What do we know about the diffusion of innovation? Is there a universal model for diffusion?


–          – Who are testing different forms of open innovation and what are the results? Is open innovation a competitive model? What is happening with intellectual property rights?


–          – What does it mean that innovation became more collaborative and more networked? Is there such a thing as Innovation 2.0?


–          – What are the available best practices for managing the corporate innovation funnel?


–          – How do new ventures and SMEs compete with industry incumbents? Is it possible to combine the strength of a big company with the agility and flexibility of startups?


–          – Is it really true that when an industry gets closer to saturation, innovation slows down?


–          – Which will be the most innovative industries of the forthcoming years?


–          – Is innovation cyclical? What can we learn from the previous cycles? What is the relationship between innovation cycles and economic crises?


–          – What do social sciences and managers think of creativity? Is creativity manageable? How is it possible to motivate creative people?


–          – Is innovation of services the same thing as innovation of products?

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