Megkerestek a fiúk itt az iskolában, hogy a most következő tanév második felében a diplomás informatikai menedzser mesterprogramon csináljunk egy kurzust az outsourcingról, sok érdekes esettel, tapasztalt vendégekkel. Bukarestben is meg kell majd tartani, mert már ott is fut egy program. Tegnap egy vállalati, offshore outsourcing tárgyú kurzusunk volt, és azon egyebek között éppen a két ország (Magyarország és Románia) ezen a téren való versenyképességének összehasonlítása került terítékre.

A tervezett kurzushoz kért tartalmi vázlatot megcsináltam, idemásolom:

“Outsourcing IT and IT supported activities became a general practice in recent years. Many companies do it and many others consider it as a potential strategic option for reducing costs, making their cost structure more favorable, improving quality, provide a 24/7/365 service, focusing on core company activities, etc. For many corporations and SMEs IT is mission critical function but matured enough to be eligible for outsourcing it and buying it as a service from IT specialists. The outsourcing market is growing fast, but there are frequent failures as well because outsourcing is risky and complicated: potential costs and benefits must be evaluated systematically, service providers must be selected and managed professionally.

The spectrum of strategic choices is very broad because the outsourcing market has become absolutely international, many countries are competing for outsourcing jobs, including such big ones as India, China and Russia. The goal of this elective course is to discuss IT outsourcing from a strategic CEO-CIO perspective, outline the global competitive landscape, highlight choices, describe and analyze the related decision making process, define key success factors and to demonstrate the importance of playing it as a win-win game. The methodology is based on short lectures, student groupwork and presentations, and discussing written and living cases presented by practitioners. Guest speakers will represent both the supply and the demand side to present a balanced picture for the participants.

Proposed topics of study include:

– The economics of outsourcing

– Outsourcing as a mutual value creating activity

– Expectations on the demand and the supply side

– Drivers of outsourcing IT

– IT outsourcing as a strategic decision

– Selecting a partner, preparing the contract, controlling performance

– Thy buyer-seller relationship in IT outsourcing

– Risk factors and managing risk

– Competition in the offshore outsourcing market

– Ranking countries by their service providing potential

– Strategies of service providers

– The flagship companies of IT outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing”

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